First Name :   Cindy
Location :   Bakersfield, CA
URL :   
Comments :   I am trying to identify Smurfs in my collection, from many years back, but having trouble. Sites like these make it easier! Thanks!
First Name :   Wandy
Location :   New York
URL :   
First Name :   Tintin
Location :   Holland
URL :   
Comments :   Hi Maureen Always very nice to look at your website. An amazing collection, well done ... i love it !!!! A big hug Tintin
First Name :   Aaron
Location :   Bloomfield NM USA
Comments :   Love your site. Great information on everything I need to know for my collection.
First Name :   Alfred
Location :   Düsseldorf GER
Comments :   Hallo Maureen, nun komme ich zum Gegenbesuch und kann Dir nur zu einer so tollen Sammlung und Webseite gratulieren. Werde bestimmt öfter hier rein schauen um zu sehen was es neues bei Dir gib. Liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf GERMANY Alfred & Christel
First Name :   misty
Location :   pennsylvania
URL :   
Comments :   i love your website i am a smurf collector and its amazing how much smurf stuff is out there
First Name :   Dom
Location :   Dortmund / Bochum
URL :   
Comments :   Hiya Moey!!! Sorry for signing your guestbook that late, but I wasnt able to find it earlier. :D I love your website tremendously and thanks for offering those interesting S.C.C.I. letters. Love, Dom
First Name :   Norma
Location :   New Hampshire
URL :   
Comments :   Looks Great Maureen!
First Name :   Ron
Location :   Arnhem, Netherlands
Comments :   Great website Maureeen! Keep u the work with all this info! Greetings Ron & Aly and a friendly paw from Dorien to your pets!
First Name :   Bylli
Location :   Boston, MA USA
Comments :   I totally love your collection. its amazing!
First Name :   Abilene
Location :   Honolulu, Hawaii
Comments :   My, you have a wonderful Smurfs page here! I remember watching the cartoon series when it first came out years ago and I used to enjoy watching them! Your site brings back alot of memories of the Smurfs. Come visit my site soon!
First Name :   Dyar
Location :   Sydney, Australia
Comments :   Hey Moey I love the site and all of the great things in your collection.....I sure hope Im in your will as you know I want that Papa Smurf still !! Great job....I am sure the postmen in TN must hate the extra work load you make them do. All the bes
First Name :   Bill
Location :   Missouri USA
Comments :   I dont have a web page but this is a link to my pics on Flicker. I also have them on my space and Facebook. Bill
First Name :   Simon
Location :   Hannover, GER
Comments :   I just have seen that I havent signed your guest book yet, so I need to change that now! Your web site is very great, there are so many and different smurf articles! It is a great reference and it is nice just to look on all your smurfs!
First Name :   Lia
Location :   Holland
URL :   
Comments :   It`s wonderful to see your collection Maureen! You did a great job!
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